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What is MapMagic World Generator v1.3 and Why You Should Use It for Your Unity Projects

The Gentle Overview property is a great way to create terrains that can be fully explored with the GPUI Player. You can get a gentle overview of the world while the CPU objects are still being generated on the GPUI world.

Unity Asset – MapMagic World Generator v1.3

This tool is run by the Meshes before they are handed over to the GPUI when adding a detail prototype to the scene. The results will be viewable at least once in Unity. You can use this tool to generate samples before you start the customization of the terrain. That way you can see how your sample looks first hand. It's also recommended to use this tool to see how different props and details will look when working with the Texture Replacement option.

Hardcoded Flags: In some cases, you may want to use a flag to use some feature that is not available in the Unity terrain. This allows you to use custom features that you may want to use in the landscape with crowd animations. To this effect, you can click on the Generate Flags value and enter a string. This string will be added to the file where the list of flags is stored. For example, if you enter an empty string, Unity will not consider the terrain for the Unity shader to be based on the Unity terrain; you can still reference the Unity terrain and use the same features. This applies to all the Unity shaders and other tools such as the Lights and Materials. The same applies to the zone textures, which will not be based on the Unity terrain textures.

Usage: To generate terrain or custom features for Unity shaders, click the Usage option on the top menu. This will guide you through a step by step process for using the Unity asset map magic world generator.


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