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SpaceFlight Simulator: How to Access Infinite Build Area in the Free Version

Spaceflight Simulator is an amazing spaceflight simulation game where you can start your space journey. You can build your own rockets and start your space journey in the game. Explore realistic scaled planets which are too huge to cover at once. The game is based on real time physics and every orbital mechanics is realistic and stunningly perfect. Explore the whole universe and discover new planets. Find life on other planets and become the best astronaut.

Absolutely yes, you can easily play this game without internet connection. You can build your rockets and can explore different planets anytime anywhere you want.Q. Is Spaceflight Simulator available for free?Yes, this game is totally free to download and play. Download the latest Apk of this game from our website and install it in your device to play the game.Q. Is Spaceflight Simulator available on PC?Yes, this game is also available in pc version which you can download in your pc. You can explore even Black Holes in pc version of this game.Q. What is the size of Spaceflight Simulator game?The size of this game is so small and you do not have to worry about the storage of your device. the size of this game is 50 Mb and you can download it easily without any storage issue. 3.94 / 5 ( 289 votes )Recommended for YouCar Simulator 2 Pro Apk

spaceflight simulator infinite build area download

There are 5 expansion packs in the official game that contains so much content but are locked. You can use them only after buying them. These expansion packs are rocket parts, skins, cheats, planets, and an infinite build area. Each pack has an independent price and will not change upon buying one expansion pack.

You will see all the parts like the capsule, heat shield, separator, fuel tank, hawk engine, valiant engine, RCS thruster, etc. on the left side of the screen. Just drag & drop the part you want to use on the build area. This game has realistic orbital mechanics and physics. So you have to create the rocket with the right parts.


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