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ukraine is clearly aware of the risk of miscalculation in coming to terms with russian actions. its government, like russia, is a coalition of former leaders with a checkered past. its re-election in 2014 was partly motivated by a growing popular feeling of betrayal by the previous pro-western coalition, including parties associated with former president viktor yushchenko. the international nature of the countrys politics adds to the complexity. the relative popularity of ukraine in the west also reflects the fact that it remains a more reliable democracy, with less mafia-like corruption and the freedom to criticise the government.

world leaders history in tamil pdf download

the danger of miscalculation is also magnified by the fact that the kremlin leadership has never kept its promise to honour the 1994 budapest memorandum, which committed russia to respect ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity in return for moscow giving up its nuclear weapons in ukraine. this was a momentous day for ukraine. the 25 november 1994 budapest memorandum was signed by ukraine, russia, the u.s. and the united kingdom in the wake of the soviet union s annexation of crimea, which was the focus of an international diplomatic crisis. it provided security assurances to ukraine, including a u. promise not to station troops in the country and to use its influence to ensure compliance by russia, as well as a guarantee of ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. the guarantee russia sought was a legally binding one, the aim being to bind ukraine to the 1994 budapest memorandum and to the minsk group process.

its a fair bet that putin will not honour the budapest memorandum either. thus, ukraine would be faced with a danger of its territory being partitioned. in the same way that the soviet union had a zone of influence in eastern europe after world war ii, russia could have a zone of influence in the east. this would benefit moscow economically, but not necessarily socially, politically or morally.


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