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Return of the Prodigal Sunn Zip: A Masterpiece of Rap, Soul, Funk, and More

Prodigal Sunn: The song Prodigal Sunn is taken from the Life of Buddha by H. Armstrong Roberts. Back home in Arimara I was a boy; Didnt notice when I crossed the river I was gone. I had my cwum, my bunga, my taro, a rakyo, and a sufuko, a bit of land called a log_c_gt. Id sit around the bunga, yah?

prodigal sunn return of the prodigal sunn zip


The parable contains in its balance a series of oppositions between the prodigal son and his father: between the two of them, between the elder son and the younger brother, between the father and the older son, and between the father and the younger son, as one is rewarded and the other punished. The parable begins with the words: "There was a man who had two sons." Matthew always specifies the audience; Luke specifies the man, but the scene in Luke's version is in the countryside, rather than in the father's house. Luke's version also gives more detail; the younger brother is named "Luke." The version in Matthew is told in the third person, whereas that of Luke in the first.

This is the first single from Ol Dirty Bastards second album, Return to the 36 Chambers. If this first single, from the deceptively named "Killa Priest" wasn't enough reason to pick up Return to the 36 Chambers , its title track is also an atypical Wu-Tang tune which opens with a spoken word intro by RZA before the track kicks in. Its sort of like hearing an outtake from Wu-Tang's debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

from the bible: when he was twelve years old, they went to the feast. and when the young man came, they began to complain to him, saying, "be quiet! be quiet! you must not do this. if your father sees you, he will come and strike you." but the boy responded, "no, father! the day you struck me, i did not die. but for a short time i became like this." (4:12-13) in the story, the young man (jacob) was the rightful heir to his father's (laban's) estate. he was pledged as a "bride price" to marry one of laban's daughters, rachel. however, laban wished to keep the treasury of israel safe, and so he captured rachel's children and arranged for them to marry some of his relatives. jacob protested and he fled his home. after a period of wandering, he returned and kept on working for laban and ended up having all the money that laban had been keeping for israel. but laban realized that he had been tricked, and that the money was really jacob's. to keep this from jacob, laban changed jacob's name to "israel", with god's help. the end of the chapter makes this clear: the boy's name was changed to "israel" because of the one who had made him greatbecause of the lord. yahweh changed the boy's name to "israel" because of the revelation of his salvation -for he was worried about israel, just as he had been worried about jacob. (vs. 17)


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