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Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth DLC 3DS (E...

The game's story is split into two separate campaigns for each of the Persona 3 and 4 teams, starting part way through the events of the previous games. Dialogue and events vary depending on the player's choice of protagonist.[4] At Yasogami High School in Inaba, during the culture festival, a strange bell rings, trapping the main characters from Persona 4, known as the investigation team, inside a bizarre alternate version of the school. Meanwhile, the members of the main characters from Persona 3, known as SEES, are on a mission into the mysterious Tartarus fortress when they are transported to the Velvet Room elevator, which suddenly winds up at the alternate Yasogami as well.[11] Upon arrival in the alternate dimension, the Velvet Room is warped into a strange and unstable configuration, with two doors that lead to different time periods. The two groups discover a labyrinth below the school, where amnesiac students Zen and Rei need help restoring their memories of how they became trapped in the school. The students team up to find a way to escape, fighting "shadows" along the way.[11] Along the way, SEES and the Investigation Team realize that they come from two different time periods.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth DLC 3DS (E...


Persona Q received positive feedback from critics with review aggregator website Metacritic indicating "generally favorable reviews" based on 56 critical opinions.[37] Several critics liked how the game blended the gameplay styles of Persona and Etrian Odyssey.[b] Meghan Sullivan writing for IGN praised the battle system from Odyssey, noting the strategy around party arrangement, the characters' additional Personas, and the leader skills.[41] Megan Farokhmanesh at Polygon liked the map drawing system, calling it "fun, personal and rewarding".[42] Kyle MacGregor of Destructoid also enjoyed drawing maps and making notes, but was critical of the labyrinths for the amount of time wasted when backtracking[38] Sullivan also found this tedious at times, but overall enjoyed the exploration and puzzles.[41] Game Informer's Kimberly Wallace said that some might find it tedious to draw maps, but still enjoyed finding the correct path through the labyrinths.[40]

As the party explores the labyrinth, which appears as a cheerful, yet highly unsettling fairytale landscape, they encounter musical-like stages; each of them representing a personal trauma that Hikari experienced in the past, starting from primary school to her eventual breakdown. As soon as they reach the first of them, they encounter a younger version of Hikari being tormented by a copy of her teacher, followed by the real Hikari appearing. The copy transforms into a Shadow and attacks the party. After defeating the Shadow, Hikari reveals that she was not kidnapped by Doe, but had instead voluntarily entered with him so she could face herself and remember the events that ruined her life. 041b061a72


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