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Can Facebook Pages Chat [NEW]

I have never used Facebook ads before, but my employer, a non-profit, wants me to look into the cost of doing so. Can you send me some information on the approximate range of cost for placing advertisements on Facebook? In particular, we are looking to place political ads in Facebook pages that have significant Asian American members, like NBC Asian America or Asian American Life. Please email me back with some pertinent information responsive to this inquiry. Thank you much in advance for your help!

can facebook pages chat

I am trying to change a facebook page name on a page i manage due to rebrandingI have been trying for months, i go to page about and edit page name and it says this will be reviewed in 3 days but the name never changes and never get any information no denied message or anything in support inbox!?

In the era of online support, we are accustomed to being able to get in touch with businesses with ease. Online chats, email, and helplines are now the most effective and immediate ways to reach the companies whose services we rely on every day.

Please note that not all accounts are equipped with this feature. There are no specific requirements for running a Facebook Business Support chat. Depending on the number of available agents, the option is allocated to accounts gradually.

Due to resource constraints, chat support was canceled and/or severely restricted during the pandemic. Our decision to describe this method was based on the fact that in most cases, it has the shortest response time.

Sometimes, it seems almost impossible to find a way to contact Facebook, especially if your case is rather complicated. Facebook legal and technical pages are rather well-built and advanced, so it usually just takes a lot of digging to find a solution to your case.

Live chat support has been missing from Facebook for many years, but now the company is testing it. US-based creators can contact Facebook (Meta) about any issues they are experiencing with either Facebook or Instagram. It could be anything from a question about a new feature to concerns about the status of a payout.

The platform supports text messaging, voice and video calls (including group video calls). Users can personalize their experience with a selection of chat themes, stickers and custom reactions featuring avatars. As of June 2021, Facebook is testing an in-app payment system, Facebook Pay, that will allow users to request and send money through Messenger.

Following a conversation, save relevant notes. This can include apparel sizes, order preferences, or other details that may be useful to have on hand for future chats. The next time someone reaches out, review the Context Card, notes, and previous conversation. This may take extra time, but if you have it, it can make all the difference.

Google Chat is a communication software that helps stay in the loop with your team. With direct messages, group chat rooms, and Drive content sharing, you can communicate quickly and easily, whether you're in the same room or halfway around the world.

Issue: You need to connect more of your pages to ManyChat, but when you click "Connect", you don't see other pages in the list of choices? It means that when you first connected your Facebook Account to ManyChat, you did not choose all of the pages that you manage on Facebook, but only a few of them.

Here you can check the boxes against each of the pages you need to make discoverable in your ManyChat account. If you don't see such a list of pages don't worry, it only means the permission will be applied to all of your pages.

You might be redirected to Facebook Business integration settings right away and asked to grant missing permissions. In that case, proceed to step 5. If that didn't happen don't worry and click on the "Add New Page" button in the list of your pages. Then click Connect (or Join) button against the page you need to connect.

Also, please note that the pages that had already been connected previously can be added back by clicking the Join button on the Dashboard. Other pages that are already connected to the FB page by the Page Owner but do not currently have you in the list of admins will have the Request Access button. Clicking it will send a request to the current owner of that ManyChat account. The owner can approve this request by clicking Approve in their ManyChat account's Settings > Users.

Instead of a direct messaging platform in the native Facebook app, Facebook Messenger exists as a separate application so users can chat one-on-one or in a private group setting. When using on a desktop computer, the messenger is accessible through the native Facebook website.

Like Instagram stories, Facebook stories are another way individual users and business pages can connect with their friends and followers. Stories are short pieces of content that are visible for just 24 hours. After 24 hours, the stories disappear from the newsfeed.

Set up your privacy settings. Personalize your profile. Like and follow public pages. Review your timeline. Add friends on Facebook. Post on Facebook. Add photos and videos. Connect with friends. Review your newsfeed. Discover additional Facebook features.

To chat with your friends or public pages on Facebook, use Facebook Messenger. You can access it by tapping the Messages button at the top right corner of any Facebook page or selecting the Messages button on the left sidebar of the home page.

Group chats in Facebook Messenger can devolve into outright noise pollution as people chit chat randomly and bombard you with distracting notifications. Unfortunately, leaving the group outright alerts everyone inside, so if you want to get out of the thread unnoticed, what exactly can you do?

You could mute the chat, but the thread would still appear front and center on Messenger's main screen. Instead, we suggest ignoring the group chat. It gets rid of the notifications and removes the thread from your chats list, so it's like you left the group, but nobody will know.

There's two ways to ignore an unwanted group chat from Messenger. First, you can either long-press or swipe left on the target thread you want to hide to reveal more options, then tap on the three-line menu button and select "Ignore group" on the popup. Tap "Ignore" (Android) or "Ignore Group Chat" (iOS) on the prompt to mute and hide the chat.

Alternatively, you can open the target group chat and tap the chat label at the top. From there, tap the three-dot menu button in the top-right and choose "Ignore chat" if you're on Android. If you're on iOS, just tap on "Ignore Messages" after tapping the chat label.

At some point, you may want to restore an ignored group chat. If you're on Android, head to the "Chats" page inside the Messenger app, tap your profile pic in the top-left, then tap "Message Requests" and select the "Spam" tab. Open the group chat you want to restore and simply tap "Reply" to put it back to normal.

If you're on an iPhone, open the app and tap the silhouette icon in the bottom-center, then tap on chat bubble icon with three dots towards the top-right. Select the group chat you want to restore inside the "Requests" page, then send a message as you normally would to remove its "Ignore" status.

With a personal Facebook account, you can block another user using the privacy settings. These settings are not available on Facebook Business pages, but you can ban users in other ways. You can ban someone from your page's admin panel, from a post the person created on the page Timeline or from a comment the person made on a status you posted on your page. No matter what method you use, the person will be permanently blocked from accessing your business page.

With a chat channel connected to your conversations inbox, visitors can begin a conversation with your team right from your website. Members of your team can chat with customers in real-time or set up a bot to send pre-set responses and gather information.

To respond to incoming messages sent from your Facebook Business Page, connect a Facebook Messenger account as a channel in your conversations inbox. When you connect Facebook Messenger, a default chatflow will be created and enabled in your account. This is the primary chatflow used on your Facebook Messenger page. You can access this default chatflow by editing your Facebook Messenger channel or in the chatflows tool. You can also create custom Facebook Messenger chatflows.

COVID-19 has jump-started interest in virtual meeting and video chat programs. To stay in touch with family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues, you can use a variety of apps, from Zoom and Skype to FaceTime and Microsoft Teams. But a new option from Facebook offers a different twist on the concept of virtual meetings.

Facebook Groups are something entirely different from pages. While Facebook Business Pages are essentially profile pages maintained and updated by the administrators, Facebook Groups are maintained by the community.

Facebook pages are the main space for marketing your products and services. It is a part of the content strategy and the focus is always on the product and what you can offer. The audience on a Facebook page is passive and will only interact with you when you post something new and of interest to them. This makes a Facebook page completely business-oriented.

When it comes to SEO, Facebook pages are more discoverable than a group. One of the reasons is because pages are official and authentic profiles whereas anyone can create a group around their interest.

For a business, the key aspects of social media marketing are user analytics and insights about their audience. In this aspect, Facebook pages have more features (because it is created for businesses) that help you understand how well your post performed and give you the demographics of your audience. Unlike Facebook groups, you can use this data to promote ads on the page and reach a wider audience.

Businesses today need to go beyond just face marketing on their pages and actually add value to their users. It is no wonder that they have started investing a lot more time building Facebook communities that can help them add value and build stronger relationships with their audience.


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