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Nur Sie Darf: Ufo361's Tribute to His One and Only Love

Nur Sie Darf by Ufo361: A Review of the German Rapper's Latest Single

If you are a fan of German rap music, you have probably heard of Ufo361, one of the most popular and successful artists in the scene. His latest single, Nur Sie Darf, which means "Only She Can" in English, is a love song dedicated to his special partner. In this article, we will review the song in terms of its meaning, sound, performance, and download options.

Who is Ufo361 and what is his musical style?

Ufo361, whose real name is Ufuk Bayraktar, is a German rapper of Turkish descent. He was born in Berlin in 1988 and started making music in 2010. He is known for his trap-inspired beats, catchy hooks, melodic flows, and auto-tuned vocals. He has released several albums and mixtapes, such as Ich bin ein Berliner, Ich bin 3 Berliner, 808, VVS, Wave, Rich Rich, and Love My Life. Some of his most famous songs include Nice Girl 2.0, Beverly Hills, Balenciaga, Stay High, Shot, Big Drip, Bad Girls Good Vibes, Emotions, Rich Rich, Allein sein, Final Fantasy, Momma (feat. Offset), Brodies (feat. Gunna), Do Not Disturb (feat. Future), Stay High (feat. Bonez MC), Pink Mist (feat. Data Luv), Next (feat. Rin), Tiffany (feat. Capital Bra), Für die Gang (feat. Gzuz), Power (feat. Capital Bra), Ohne mich (feat. RAF Camora), Ich bin ein Berliner (Remix) (feat. Sido & Gzuz), Keiner da wenn du suchst (feat. RAF Camora & Bonez MC), Paradies (feat. RAF Camora & Bonez MC), Wann wenn nicht jetzt (feat. Bonez MC & Maxwell), Irina Shayk (feat. Rin & Bausa), Fokus auf die Zukunft (feat. Luciano & Eno), etc.

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What is the meaning and message of Nur Sie Darf?

The lyrics and their translation

Nur Sie Darf is a song that expresses Ufo361's love and devotion to his partner. He sings about how she is the only one who can do certain things with him, such as driving his Ferrari, touching his money, hurting him emotionally, sleeping in his bed, entering his heart, etc. He also praises her for being loyal, supportive, trustworthy, beautiful, etc. He says that she was there for him when times were hard and that she doesn't care about his wealth or status. He says that he would buy her anything she wants and that he would never leave her.

Here are some of the lyrics in German and their English translation:



Nur sie darf mit me nem Ferrari fahr'n

Only she can drive with me in my Ferrari

Nur sie darf an mein' Money geh'n

Only she can touch my money

Nur sie darf mich so verletz'n

Only she can hurt me like this

Nur sie darf in mein'm Bett schlaf'n

Only she can sleep in my bed

Nur sie darf in mein Herz rein

Only she can enter my heart

Sie war da, als ich nichts hatte

She was there when I had nothing

Sie will nicht, dass ich ihr was kauf'

She doesn't want me to buy her anything

Sie will nur, dass ich bei ihr bleib'

She just wants me to stay with her

Sie ist loyal, sie ist treu, sie ist ehrlich, sie ist schön

She is loyal, she is faithful, she is honest, she is beautiful

The theme of love and loyalty

The main theme of Nur Sie Darf is love and loyalty. Ufo361 shows his appreciation and gratitude for his partner, who has been with him through thick and thin. He expresses his commitment and fidelity to her, saying that she is the only one who can have access to his life and his emotions. He also contrasts his relationship with her with the superficial and fake ones that he encounters in the music industry. He says that he doesn't need any other women or friends, because he has her by his side.

The references to pop culture and luxury

Another aspect of Nur Sie Darf is the use of pop culture and luxury references. Ufo361 mentions various brands, celebrities, and places that are associated with wealth and fame. For example, he mentions Ferrari, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Rolex, Versace, Lamborghini, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Hollywood, etc. He also uses some English words and phrases, such as "baby", "love you", "only you", "stay high", etc. These references serve to highlight his success and status as a rapper, but also to emphasize that he doesn't care about them as much as he cares about his partner. He says that he would give up everything for her and that she is more valuable than anything else.

How does Nur Sie Darf sound and what are its influences?

The production and the beat

Nur Sie Darf is produced by Jimmy Torrio and The Cratez, who are frequent collaborators of Ufo361. The beat is a typical trap beat, with heavy bass, hi-hats, snares, and synths. The beat also has some melodic elements, such as piano chords, guitar riffs, and vocal samples. The beat creates a catchy and upbeat atmosphere that matches the mood of the song.

The vocals and the flow

Ufo361 delivers his vocals in a smooth and melodic way, using auto-tune and reverb effects. He sings rather than raps most of the time, creating a harmonious and pleasant sound. He also switches between German and English occasionally, adding some diversity and flair to his lyrics. His flow is fast and rhythmic, following the tempo of the beat. He also uses some ad-libs and repetitions to emphasize certain words and phrases.

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nur she may ufo download (English translation of the keyword)

only she is allowed to ufo download (Another English translation of the keyword)

descargar solo ella puede ovni (Spanish translation of the keyword)

télécharger seulement elle peut ovni (French translation of the keyword)

scaricare solo lei può ufologia (Italian translation of the keyword)

baixar apenas ela pode ufologia (Portuguese translation of the keyword)

herunterladen nur sie kann ufologie (German translation of the keyword)

ダウンロードするだけ彼女はUFO学をすることができます (Japanese translation of the keyword)

다운로드 만 그녀는 UFO학을 할 수 있습니다 (Korean translation of the keyword)

下载只有她可以UFO学 (Chinese translation of the keyword)

تحميل فقط يمكنها الدراسات الجوية (Arabic translation of the keyword)

скачать только она может уфология (Russian translation of the keyword)

indir sadece o UFObilim yapabilir (Turkish translation of the keyword)

descărcați numai ea poate ufologie (Romanian translation of the keyword)

डउनलड केवल वह यूएफओ वज्ञन कर सकत है (Hindi translation of the keyword)

pobierz tylko ona może ufologia (Polish translation of the keyword)

ladda ner bara hon kan ufologi (Swedish translation of the keyword)

unduh hanya dia yang bisa ufologi (Indonesian translation of the keyword)

tải xuống chỉ cô ấy có thể học về đĩa bay (Vietnamese translation of the keyword)

λήψη μόνο εκείνη μπορεί να UFOλογία (Greek translation of the keyword)

aflaai net sy kan UFOlogie doen (Afrikaans translation of the keyword)

stáhnout pouze ona může UFOlogie (Czech translation of the keyword)

The similarities and differences with other songs by Ufo361 and other artists

Nur Sie Darf is similar to some of Ufo361's previous songs in terms of its style and theme. For example, it resembles Stay High (feat. Bonez MC), which is also a love song with a trap beat and auto-tuned vocals. It also resembles Emotions (feat. Céline), which is also a song about loyalty and trust in a relationship. However, Nur Sie Darf is different from some of Ufo361's other songs in terms of its tone and mood. For example, it is more positive and optimistic than Rich Rich (feat. Future), which is a song about money and fame but also about loneliness and depression. It is also more romantic and sincere than Bad Girls Good Vibes (feat. Sonus030), which is a song about casual sex and partying.

Nur Sie Darf is also influenced by some other artists in the rap scene, especially from the US. For example , it is inspired by some of the songs by Future, who is one of Ufo361's favorite rappers and collaborators. For example, it has a similar vibe and sound to Life Is Good (feat. Drake), which is also a song about enjoying life and love with a special partner. It is also influenced by some of the songs by Post Malone, who is another rapper that Ufo361 admires and works with. For example, it has a similar melody and hook to Circles, which is also a song about a complicated relationship and a catchy chorus.

How did Nur Sie Darf perform on the charts and what was the reception from critics and fans?

The chart performance in Germany and other countries

Nur Sie D


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