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Tales From The Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair Hack

It has been years since brave Mina Lockheart defeated Lord Strix. But dark shadows are rising once again! Spirits are restless! For he has awaken! Evil Lord Strix is breeding a new army to enslave all creatures from the Dragon Mountains! It is once again up to Mina and her best friend spirit Malik to travel to distant parts of the world and find clues how to open the passage to a hidden wasteland - Lord Strix's lair. Meet different characters along your journey, help them and have them help you. Search and discover new places, but hurry! Lord Strix gets stronger by the minute!

Tales From The Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair hack

For 171 years, Smaug hoarded the Lonely Mountain's treasures to himself, staying within the mountain, until a company of Dwarves managed to enter the Lonely Mountain and awaken him from hibernation. Correctly believing that the Dwarves had received assistance from the men of Lake-town in entering the Lonely Mountain, Smaug left the mountain to wreak destruction upon Lake-town, nearly destroying it before being slain by Bard the Bowman.

In TA 2770, Smaug came from the mountains in the north, attracted by the vast wealth amassed by the Dwarven kingdom of Erebor, which included gold, gemstones, silver, pearls, the many-faceted crystals of emerald, sapphire and diamond, and the famed Arkenstone. In one savage attack, he laid waste to both Erebor and the neighboring town of Dale, killing any Dwarves or Men who dared try to stop him. King Thrór and Thráin used the secret door to escape, but the dragon continued ravaging the surrounding countryside long after.

For two centuries, Smaug ruled the Lonely Mountain uncontested. He spent his days within the mountain lying atop his great treasure hoard, which he guarded jealously. The surrounding domain became a scarred wasteland known to the Dwarves and men as the "Desolation of Smaug." Yet in the year TA 2941, a company of fourteen adventurers consisting of twelve Dwarves, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, and led by the heir of the Lonely Mountain, Thorin II Oakenshield, entered Smaug's mountain lair by a secret door in a daring attempt to reclaim the ancient treasure from the dragon.

Bilbo, the company's appointed "burglar," was sent into the treasure chamber alone in an attempt to stealthily gather information and steal what he can without waking Smaug. Once inside, Bilbo was surprised to find that Smaug was much larger than he had expected and covered in impenetrable armor, save for his underbelly. Aware of this vulnerability, Smaug deliberately had spent years sprawled on the wealth of his hoard, allowing diamonds and hard gemstones to be embedded into his belly, armoring his only weakness. However, while examining the dragon, Bilbo noticed a single bare patch on the monster's left breast, nearest his heart. With this invaluable information, he escaped the dragon's lair and returned to the Dwarves, sharing his discovery of Smaug's weakness with them, unaware that he was overheard by a thrush, who carried the secret to Bard the Bowman in nearby Lake-town.

Returning to the treasure chamber, Bilbo attempted to steal a single cup, but its theft was immediately noticed by Smaug, who had woken from his slumber. Amused by the Hobbit, Smaug conversed with Bilbo, attempting to deduce his origins and purpose in the mountain. He quickly surmised that Bilbo was aiding Thorin and the rest of the Dwarf company in an attempt to steal back the Arkenstone and reclaim the Mountain. Smaug flew into a rage, erupting from the mountain in a fiery wrath and loosening his flame upon the land. He turned his fury on Lake-town upon the Long Lake and set about razing it.

Amidst the havoc, Bard the Bowman, heir to the throne of Dale, did his best to rally the townsmen to repel the dragon's assault, but their arrows could do little against the dragon's armor. Then, Bard, having been informed by a thrush of Smaug's secret weakness, fired a Black Arrow into the vulnerable spot on the dragon's belly. Roaring in fury and pain, Smaug fell from the sky and plummeted into the flaming ruins of Lake-town, his death marked the end of the great dragons in Middle-earth.

One of few other descriptions available by Tolkien is that the Secret Tunnel, with 5 feet tall door and passage wide enough for three people to walk together, was too small for the dragon even when he was young, and he considered it a "tiny hole which he should have sealed up" and could only put the tip of his jaw into the passage when he was grown and breathed out fire and vapor not from his jaw but from his nostrils instead.[6][7] Additionally, the Black Arrow launched by Bard completely disappeared into the dragon's body, and the corpse of Smaug severely destroyed Lake-town when it fell.[8] These, along with descriptions of dragons by Tolkien to possess elongated, serpentine bodies, indicate that Smaug in book could have been much larger than the above mentioned estimation by Karen Wynn Fonstad.

Being a fully-grown dragon, Smaug was both massive and powerful, possessing physical strength capable of crushing stone with ease, as seen by his attack on the Lonely Mountain. He was able to fly thanks to his large wings, and had the ability to breathe streams of searing hot flame and vapour from his mouth and nostrils. Some comments in The Hobbit imply that his entire body was imbued with fire, as he was seen to glow in the darkness of the Lonely Mountain's depths, and his usual paths were said to have been "smoothed and slimed" (i.e. melted) by his passage.

Like many dragons of Middle-earth, Smaug's monstrous appearance also belied keen senses and a dangerously sharp mind. He had an encyclopaedic knowledge of his treasure hoard, immediately registering the theft of a single cup after Bilbo made his first visit to his lair. When the hobbit returned a second time, Smaug was already expecting him by feigning sleep, and immediately declared that he could sense the thief even if he could not see him. Although Bilbo was clever enough not to fall for Smaug's attempts to trick him into revealing his exact position, the dragon used the resulting conversation to plant doubts in Bilbo's mind, correctly guessing that the "burglar" had allied himself with the Dwarves and the men of Lake-town and asking if Bilbo had ever considered the logistical difficulties of getting his share of Smaug's treasure back to his home. Despite his size, Smaug is shown to be agile and quick, able to leap over objects with ease, and he can dive at very high speeds with little effort.

Defensively, Smaug's reddish-gold scales rendered him impervious to nearly all weapons, but his underbelly was relatively soft and vulnerable. To compensate for this, Smaug took to sleeping upon the gathered treasure of the Lonely Mountain, allowing bits of gold and jewels to embed themselves in his body. This "diamond waistcoat" was intended to cover his only physical weak spot, but when Bilbo Baggins confronted the dragon in his lair, he discovered a bare patch on the left side of his chest. Bard was told this by an ancient thrush that overheard Bilbo relating this information to the Dwarves, enabling him to defeat Smaug by shooting his Black Arrow into the bare patch.

Smaug seems primarily motivated by personal greed rather than a desire to do evil, and does not seem to serve any allegiance other than his own. While he does ruthlessly destroy Dale and lays waste to the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain during his attack on the Lonely Mountain, once he has assumed dominion of the region he seems content to allow the rest of Middle Earth to go about its business, so long as he or his treasure remains undisturbed; although this could be because he feels that the people living in the region have nothing he wants. Highly intelligent, Smaug appears to possess a rather sardonic sense of humor, darkly mocking Bilbo while they converse within the Lonely Mountain's treasure chamber. Smaug seems to despise the Dwarves, considering them to be weak and pathetic creatures far beneath him, making unfavorable comments about Thrór and showing no remorse over his slaughter of their kind and claiming of their kingdom. While conversing with Bilbo, Smaug is also able to quickly surmise the reason for Bilbo's presence in Erebor, and also correctly deduces that the Dwarves received aid from the men of Esgaroth in reaching the mountain.

When Thorin and Company arrive at the Lonely Mountain and send their burglar Bilbo Baggins to find the Arkenstone, the Hobbit unwittingly causes a landslide amongst the mountainous pile of treasures, uncovering the dragon. Smaug stirs from his sleep, suspicious that someone is in the chamber with him. Although Bilbo is forced to use his Ring to keep out of sight from the dragon, Smaug is immediately aware of his presence by his scent (whilst the smell of hobbit is unknown to him). He begins to search for Bilbo, beckoning him to come out from where he is hiding and when Smaug gets too close, the Hobbit is overcome with fear and attempts to run, only to alert the dragon, who chases after him through the chamber. Bilbo evades him and hides behind a massive pillar, still under the cloak of the ring. Smaug continues his search and claims that he is aware of the Ring in Bilbo's possession and that he sensed that Bilbo has something "made of gold, but far more precious," which in turn forces the Hobbit to remove the Ring. Smaug is amused by Bilbo's knowledge of who he is, and begins his conversation with the Hobbit in order to deduce his origins.

During their conversation, Bilbo then tries to lie to Smaug by claiming that he is no more than a simple traveler who came to the mountain alone to see the dragon, as he didn't believe the tales about him. The dragon asks Bilbo if he thinks flattery will keep him alive, and asks who he is and where he comes from. Bilbo responds in riddles, claiming that he "came from under the hill and over hills and under hills his path had led", and through the air he was "he who walks unseen". Smaug hardly believes him but asks Bilbo what also did he claim to be and the Hobbit answered that he is the "luck-wearer", "riddle-maker", and "barrel-rider". The dragon then reveals that he knows that the Dwarves are outside of the mountain, although Bilbo (whose eyes are on the Arkenstone) tries to deny it, with Smaug not taking the bait. Soon, a cat-and-mouse banter begins with Smaug and Bilbo, as he makes unfavorable comments about Thrór and boasts about his armor and invincibility. Smaug then realizes that Thorin, Thrór's grandson, has sent Bilbo for the Arkenstone and reveals to him that he found out about Thorin's goal "some time ago", and says that it doesn't matter because the quest is ultimately futile, as he is aware that Sauron was preparing to openly declare himself once more.


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