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Ai Milly - Burglar Life (Official Music Video)

many people are implanted with silent sound rings like mine . they are surgically implanted in the ear canal a silent sound ring this is very old technolodgy. they are brain to brain commuication rings that allow the target individual to be completely cntroled tortured because it thinks to the persomns brain or cant talk directly to them the device used is a suite case looking device or a 4 feet by three feet tall radio with a large peice in the middle that spins in and out by hand . millions of americans that have any type authourity over others know of this and they sign a paper not to disclose it .they are sociopaths because all of them know about abuse and worse like school shootings for gun ccontrol or 9112001 .they were taught about system . to help them with their mission . they were probably surgically thought dead . others like school shooters are controled by a team that learns the mind mabey silver anamel gram fillings and then stays on them 24-7 the operator is the person feels everything sees out their head . but as example could they make ind do a gay act i dont think so or strike their mother .so some things they cannot do if you can find another person that tells about ring implants ear canal i have them ive met one since 1957 but i have talked to operaor while on active duty 1973 us army peson to person at my barracks . the problem is the large number of sadists killers that have grown using a nsa program that was only for national security in usa to see and hear almost everywhere the subjects hundreds of thousands wisdom teeth extraction and tonsil echtomeys . used only for state security to see and hear in any home at any time secretly to me seems within the relm of state security but sadists have always owned me and my mother since 1956-57 so of course i i hate the physical torture even 24-7 to this day but i cannot think words i here all words they type or if i look at book they read i like old ameica kennedy . so anything that will remove this gov is good ecause they dont get them off me like when i was very young . in 1970-71 two freinds had become alarmed about what became the future kids and music and then nuclear war so next day confronted me . first trump then biden so the nuclear war happens during biden but who or how i could not say but when blue river oregon burns to the ground and sky from blue river oregon you see sky is red then find safe place to live and wait. so if it looks like nuclear war move away from city for a while . covid 19 was aquired from a grant study in oregon 1969 or 1970.on exotic animals . i was never a child because i was controled by adults 24-7 who while on duty they are me . see sociopaths but ive not known another life i of course dont like torture and abuse . and i cannot have any type of mental illness that would mean about 30 or 40 enlisted personel would be nuts in the same way . and belive me our country far exceeds the nazis in sociopaths that work. the situation has not grown to the need to exterminate . americans are mentally taught not to believe things like i am telling you without seeing a government figure explaining it . and its industry and military ventures and state security path and money and status truely the american is a herd animal on a vast farm free to do what it wants but best maintained in a closed environment . and of course government has the right to maintain the common and the situation . but electronics gave the government secret ways to control the situation and that required sociopaths . so they maintain this situation also by making people think in a manner as though it were 1900. 1920. and america is like it was then where almost everyone had their own thoughts . people are very simple creatures if you see what they do and think . because everyone is trapped in their positions . others are traped by their status . but still very simple creatures . because they have a box they live and think in . that is their lives . so qanon was really because of social media . it was easy to see that peoples moms and dads were really mean to either political party on social media . and some people were really going for flat earth. so some would really belive alien cabal others would use it as slander b.s. but the tool to get it going was anonomus computer people. or person .so because of the nature of social media . it worked . but insurection . no that would be like a mouse that roared funny movie . and with all the protesting . it was people mostly white that only felt in the spirit of revolution and traveled a long ways to protest . and with governments expiriance in the other recent protests that the common got completely out of hand and not maintained is a disaster like the second disaster of katrina. and all the people involved in their prosicution are in fact elitests in government that have lots of money and they want for nothing . and d.c. security is their biusness . and we the people pay them elect them to maintain the situation . so if the crowd became unrully and basicaly pushed and broke into the capitol building who fired on them when if they were not fired upon and took no hostages they may have tried to stay in there so what call the national guard or militay tthat should have been in place . this prosecution by the very people that did not already ban hi capasity magazines ,what idiot would need a 20 30 round mag to hunt deer or other game or defend their home .so if machine guns were leagal or artillery how many thousands of americans would buy them . well im not trying to write a book . yes i was raised with implants and tortured and abused and my life is recorded .so say to be me in 1969 all you have to do is put on the equipment and sit their and you will be me and you will be in 1969 1962 or 1980 or when ever and how do i know this is true well i am not supposed to know this this is torture not a normal life as they also ran me like a vehicle even now. but i cant think stop stop or start screaming because i am of artificial intellegence but i am also a person what is left of me.

Ai Milly - Burglar Life (Official Music Video)



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