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8-Bit Adventures 2 (v1.062) [GOG]

2. Religion of the Romans: General View: "Long before Rome wasfounded, Italy was peopled with an industrious class of farmers. But wehave scarcely any records of those early times. Some of their giganticbuildings, lakes and canals remain, but these are almost all that isleft. The religious ideas of these early settlers entered into and,to a great extent, moulded the religion of the Romans. The people ofItaly did not have the same vivid imaginations and lively fanciesas the people of Greece. Their early worship seems to have been ofa more serious character than that of the Greeks. Their gods werefreer from moral taint, and virtue rather than vice was required infollowers of the Roman religions. The poetic art was little cultivatedamong them, or for that matter, in Rome of a later day. But Rome soonbegan to borrow from Greece, and to appropriate her gods, heroes andmyths. There are no Italian-myths corresponding to those of Greece. InVirgil and Ovid, a few adventures of the Italian gods are related, butthese are plainly limitations, or slight modifications, of the Greekstories." (The World's Worship, pp. 173-4).

8-Bit Adventures 2 (v1.062) [GOG]




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